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The newsletter of the Jews of Krakow in Israel

Nowiny Krakowskie

No.42, February 2010

“In recent months I have written to many public figures and dignitaries (including the President, the Prime Minister, Rabbi Lau, speaker of the Knesset and others), and I presented them with my proposal for a creation of “Holocaust Haggadah”, which will be read in every household in Israel and the diaspora, on the eve of the memorial day for the Holocaust and the Revival. I did not get an answer from anyone, not even a negative answer.

On Pesach, we celebrate an event that happened thousands of years ago – the departure from slavery in Egypt for freedom in the promised land, and we tell younger generations of what occurred by reading the Haggadah as said: “and so you will tell your son…”. In the twentieth century, we have had the worst Holocaust in the history of all time, and only a few survived the doom, and started a new life.”

It seems to me, it is appropriate that in the end of the day of mourning, for the murder of millions of our people, we will note and celebrate our victory, the few survivors who fought and won evil and atrocities, and by reading in the “Holocaust Haggadah”, which will be transferred from generation to generation, and will tell the wonderful story of the survivors who have established new life in Israel.”

Eugenia (Gena) Rotter

Tel-Aviv, Israel