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Collective memory and tradition creation, so how does it work?

Our calendar, the booklets that are learned in the schools, the radio playlist, the architectural design of state sites, all of these and more encrypt the collective memory shared by us all.

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Steven Spielberg on Storytelling’s Power to Fight Hate

The director is reissuing “Schindler’s List,” as he expands the mission of the Shoah Foundation through video testimonies of genocide survivors.

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The newsletter of the Jews of Krakow in Israel

“In recent months I have written to many public figures and dignitaries (including the President, the Prime Minister, Rabbi Lau, speaker of the Knesset and others), and I presented them with my proposal for a creation of “Holocaust Haggadah”, which will…

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Our Living Legacy – The Survivors’ Declaration 2002

The Survivors’ Declaration was first read out by Holocaust survivor, journalist and writer. Zvi Gill at the closing ceremony of the international conference held at Yad Vashem on “The Legacy of Holocaust Survivors: The Moral and Ethical Implications for…

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Azrieli and Herscovitch: Take the lead in Holocaust education, Canada

Earlier this month, people all over the world marked Yom Hashoah, the solemn day of Holocaust remembrance. In Canada, which became home to more than 30,000 Holocaust survivors, Canadians of all political parties came together in Ottawa for a national commemoration.

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A new initiative: As in Passover – the Haggadah of the Holocaust and the rebirth

Every year, millions of Jews turn around the Seder table, for a family meal and for the reading of the Haggadah in which the Exodus is told. Now, a new organization wants to ‘copy’ the Haggadah model to the story of the Holocaust and the rebirth of the…

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