Our Goals and Objectives

The initiative aims to establish a new tradition for commemorating events of the Holocaust and Revival, to be embedded in Israeli society and Jewish Diaspora. This will be done through formulation of a common narrative for Jewish people. The story will have a local and universal relevance, and will be cross-generational.

The means to realize the goal is the formulation of a document, inspired by the Passover Haggadah, telling about the Holocaust and Revival, emphasizing the universal value of Human Rights as a human being. The document will be based on two foundations – the memory of the past and moral message passed down to future generations.

The document will be the basis of an annual ceremony with a family-intimate character. Such a ceremony will be added to those already existing in the various frameworks, in order to implement the new tradition for generations to come and burn The story of the Holocaust and its lessons, in the individual and public awareness.

We, the generation that grew up in the shadow of the survivors, we carry on our shoulders the challenge of transferring the memory for generations that will not meet the survivors or their children. Therefore, it is our primary moral-intellectual obligation to create a “living memory” in the form of an annual tradition. This tradition will include the knowledge and memory of the Holocaust and Revival, through stories of survival, of Courage while we commend the survivors struggle, and preserving their authentic emotional experience.

Realization of the vision presents us with a number of challenges:

1. Create a narrative that crosses age groups, ethnic groups, and Diasporas. A Narrative led by the value of Human Rights, which will be relevant for future Generations.

2. Clarification of the meaning of Jewish identity in the 21st century, and its recent vision of creating a profound awareness of the past and present and watching forward to the future.

3. Implementing the mission imposed on us by the survivors, to transmit the memory of the past for future generations, and preserve their authentic emotional experience, while refining the meaning of surviving: disclosure of personal forces, Courage and resourcefulness – alongside the strength to get up and building a new life after the Holocaust.

The task of our generation:

Up to date Jewish identity formation in the spirit of moral lessons derived from the Events of the Holocaust and Revival.